Using CAB or MSI Packages

You can use Avalanche to push .CAB or .MSI files to your mobile devices as packages. When you install a .CAB file on a device, the file automatically installs. It can also be configured to uninstall once the program information is retrieved by the mobile device.

To create .CAB or .MSI packages

1.From the Available Profiles panel on the Profiles tab, click on the software profile you want to edit.
The Software Profile Details page appears.

2.In the Software Packages panel, click New.
The Software Package Wizard appears.

3.Select Install an Avalanche Package and browse to the location of the .CAB or .MSI file.

4.Click Next.
The CAB or MSI File Options page appears.

5.Type the name of the package in the text box.

6.If you want the package to be uninstalled once the program information is retrieved by the mobile device, enable Remove after install.

7.Click Next.
The file will be prepared for installation on a device.

8.When the package is complete, click Next.
The Configure Software Package page appears.

9.If desired, you can enable the package immediately.

10.Click Finish to complete the package creation.