Creating User Accounts

Administrator accounts allow you to create new user accounts. When creating a new account, you create a user name and password and assign permission levels to grant the user access to specific functionalities. Administrator users have access to all options for his home folder and associated sub-folders. Normal users must be assigned specific permissions.

When a user account is created, it must be assigned a “home.” The user (either normal or administrator) will only be allowed to access information for his home folder and any associated sub-folders.

If a user is assigned a home folder that inherits profiles from other folders, he will not be able to modify the settings of inherited profiles. Read/write permissions allow the user to exclude inherited profiles.

You can configure the following options when creating a user account:


The name the user will use to log in to the Avalanche Console. The login is case sensitive and can be either an email address or, if you are using LDAP authentication, a domain and username. The following special characters are not allowed:~ ! ^ * ( ) + = | ? / < > , [ ] : ; { } \ " & space

Authenticate using LDAP

Allows you to use your own LDAP server to authenticate the user. For information on configuring Avalanche to communicate with your LDAP server, see Configuring LDAP.


A description of the user or group.


Select if the user is a normal user or an administrator. If the user is a normal user, you will need to assign specific permissions. If the user is an administrator, they will have access to all options for their home folder and associated sub-folders.

User Home

The folder that the user will be assigned to.


The domain and username for the user if you are using LDAP authentication.


The password for accessing the Avalanche Console. Passwords are case-sensitive. The password has a 32-character limit. If you are using LDAP authentication, the user logs in with his domain password.

First Name

The first name of the user.

Last Name

The last name of the user.


The users email address.

Ivanti Neurons access token

An access token that allows someone to send commands to Avalanche from Ivanti Neurons. Generate the token in the Avalanche Console, then copy it and paste it in to an Avalanche connector in Ivanti Neurons. If the token is revoked or changed in the Avalanche Console, Neurons users will not be able to send commands to devices through Avalanche unless you update the connector with the new token. We recommend using a service account for Neurons access. This option is only available for administrator users.

To create a new account

1.Click Tools > System Users.
The System Users page appears.

2.In the Users panel, click New.
The Create User dialog box appears.

3.Click User.
The Add/Modify User page appears.

4.Configure the settings for the user.

5.Assign permissions now or an administrator can modify permissions later. For more information, see Assigning User Permissions.

6.Save your changes.
The new account is available.