Using API keys for device servers

Each remote device server (or Ivanti Neurons Avalanche engine) requires an API key when it is installed. The API key allows the server to authenticate to the enterprise server and use InfoRail. The keys are specific to the type of device server, and each key can only be used by one device server.

After you have selected the server type and generated the key, you MUST commit the key before you can use it. Then copy the key and provide it during the device server installation process.

To create a new API key

1.Click Tools > Support and Licensing.
The System Information page appears.

2.In the API Key Management section, click Show API Keys.
The API Keys for this installation page appears.

3.Click Create a new API key.

4.Select the type of server that will be installed.

5.Click Generate new API key.

6. Click the Copy button to copy the key to the clipboard. Copy the key to a text file or safe place and provide it during device server installation. For information on installing a device server, see Installing Device Servers.

7.Click Commit API key to save the generated key. If you skip this step, the key is not usable.