Configuring Device Properties

View mobile device properties and create custom device properties from the Mobile Device Details page. View the properties for a specific mobile device by clicking on the name of the device from the Inventory tab.

AIDC and Android device properties can be either pre-defined or custom properties.

Pre-defined properties are based on the device information and the version of the Enabler running on the mobile device.

Custom properties can be created and associated with individual mobile devices or with mobile device groups. Custom properties can be configured either on the device or using the Avalanche Console.

Properties can be used as selection variables in selection criteria to control which devices receive particular profiles. See Building Selection Criteria for more information on using properties as selection variables.

The following list describes the columns that appear in the Properties panel:

Property Group

The group the property belongs to.

Data Type

Indicates if the value is configurable or snapshot. Configurable means that a user may change the value, and snapshot means that the property is updated by the device.


The name of the property.


The value of the property.

Pending Value

Indicates whether the property needs to be updated on the mobile device. If it needs to be updated, column will display the pending value in italics.

For more information about configuring mobile device properties, see the following topics:

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