Printer Tasks from the Console

You can perform remote tasks on individual printers from the Avalanche console. These tasks are performed by clicking on a printer in the Printer Inventory tab, then clicking the task button in the tools panel.

These tools are found on the printer details page. For more information, see Viewing Printer Details.

Reboot now. Immediately reboot the printer.

Update now. Have the printer check with the printer device server for any new or updated profiles assigned to it. For information about assigning profiles, see Printer Settings Profiles.

Ping device. Send a ping to see if the printer is active and able to receive communications.

Wipe. Factory reset the device, and remove printer device server connection information and certificates and network connection information. This does not remove the printer from the inventory.

Delete printer. Remove the printer from the Avalanche inventory and release its license.

Status. Requests updated property information from the printer. It may take a few minutes to receive a response from the printer. Refresh the page to view the updated information.

Command dialog. Open a direct communication terminal where you can send commands to the printer and see its response. For more information, see Communicating Directly with a Printer.