Using Selection Criteria

Selection criteria are sets of rules that you can apply to folders, profiles, or devices. The rules are generally device properties such as the model name or OS type, but you can also assign custom properties. These criteria define which mobile devices, smart devices, or printers receive a profile or are added to a group. For example, set a profile so that it is only applied to Hand Held 7400 devices by using the criterion: ModelName = HHP7400.

Selection criteria is used for the following items:

Profiles. Profiles allow you to set selection criteria at the time that the profile is applied. In addition, some profiles — such as an AIDC mobile device profile — allow you to have selection criteria built in to the profile itself.

Software. Additional selection criteria may also be built into each software package to restrict the distribution of the package to devices that can use it. The built-in selection criteria associated with a software package are set by the package developer and cannot be modified after the package has been created.

Groups and folders. You can also use the selection criteria to dynamically assign devices to a different group or folder each time the device syncs. This is automatically enabled for smart devices and printers. For mobile devices, this is enabled through the Dynamic by selection criteria setting on the mobile device server profile. If the properties on a device change between check-ins, the next time a check-in occurs, Avalanche automatically assigns the device to another folder with selection criteria matching the new property.

The selection criteria builder provides a list of operators and preset selection variables, and also allows you to add custom properties as selection variables. Use the selection criteria builder to build valid selection criteria. For more information, see the following topics: