Deploying Changes and Scheduling Reboots

When you configure aspects of your wireless network using the Avalanche Console, those configurations are not immediately sent to the device servers that communicate with your devices. Instead, you can schedule specific times for the new configurations to be sent. The Task Scheduler provides several advantages, including the ability to specify which folders receive the changes and the ability to deploy changes during periods of low network activity.

You need to complete a deployment when you create or edit servers, profiles, payloads, regions, folders, or enrollment rules.

When a deployment is completed, it appears in the Completed Tasks panel. Only an administrator can clear tasks from the Completed Tasks panel.

Device reboots can also be scheduled so that all the devices associated with a device server reboot on a regular basis.

Schedule or perform a task from the Scheduled Tasks page or from one of the main tabs in the Avalanche Console. A button also appears on the main pages when a deployment is necessary.

To schedule or perform a task from the Scheduled Tasks page

1.Click Tools > Scheduled Tasks.
The Scheduled Task page appears.

2.Click Add in the Scheduled Tasks panel.
The Schedule Task wizard starts.

3.Select Server Deployment as the task type and click Next.

4.To add a folder to the list, click Add and select the folder from the list that appears. If you are scheduling a device reboot, the folder must have a device server associated. All the devices associated with the server are sent a reboot command.
For a reboot task, select the type of devices that receive a reboot command.

5.When you are finished adding folders, click Next.
The Scheduling Options screen appears.

6.Determine when the task will occur and click Next.

7.If you selected a one-time or recurring task, options for scheduling the task will appear. Configure them and click Next.

8.Review your task and click Finish.
A system message will appear in the console when the task is completed.

When the Task Scheduler has completed an event, that event appears in the Completed Tasks list. By default the Task Scheduler is set to retain all completed tasks in the list. An administrator can delete tasks individually.

ClosedScheduling options

To schedule or perform a deployment from a main page

When a synchronization is needed, the Needs Deployment button appears on the right side of the Console, above the top panel.

1.In the navigation tree, navigate to the folder you want to deploy.

2.From one of the main tabs in the Avalanche Console, click the Needs Deployment button.
The Server Deployment dialog box appears.

3.Select either the Deploy now option to synchronize immediately or the Deploy later option to schedule the deployment.

If you schedule the deployment, provide the date and time it will happen. When providing times for deployments, use a 24-hour clock.

4.Click Finish.
A system message will appear in the console when the deployment is completed.