Configuring the Avalanche Enabler

In order to manage devices running Android, Windows Mobile, or Windows CE, you must install an Avalanche Enabler. Devices running iOS do not need an Enabler installed.

The Enabler for an AIDC device must be configured with the company ID and the server address in order to contact the Avalanche server and appear in the Console inventory. For information on finding your company ID, see Managing Your Account.

Enablers for AIDC devices can be configured to contact the Avalanche server in one of three ways:

Enablers installed on devices with scanners can be configured using the Scan to Config barcodes.

Enablers installed on devices without scanners can be configured through the Enabler interface on the device.

The Enabler can be configured during the installation process or during an ActiveSync connection. The Enabler is installed on the device using an ActiveSync connection between the device and a PC with the Enabler installation executable.

The Enabler for AIDC devices must be version 5.2 or newer.

If you want to use Kiosk Mode or ANS on your Android devices, you must download the Enabler from the Wavelink Web site. These features are not offered in the Google Play version of the Enabler. All other functions, including Samsung SAFE features, can be found in the Google Play app.

Using Scan to Config

Manually Modifying the Enabler Configuration

Installing the AIDC Enabler via ActiveSync


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