SaaS Tab

Use the SaaS tab in the Avalanche Update Settings dialog box to configure the Enabler for Avalanche On Demand. If the Enabler is being configured for Avalanche MC or Avalanche SE, it is not necessary to configure any information on this tab.

SaaS Tab

The following list describes the options in the SaaS tab:

Configure SaaS Mode

When SaaS Mode is enabled on the device, the Enabler provides a Customer ID to the mobile device server. This Customer ID can be provisioned by either scan to configure or manual configuration.

Disable SaaS

Stops the Enabler from sending a Company ID to the mobile device server. This option is only used if the device is changing from Avalanche On Demand to either Avalanche MC or Avalanche SE.

Scan Configuration SaaS

Indicates that the Scan to Configure dialog in the Enabler should launch the first time the Enabler is launched on the device. The user can then scan the Company ID barcodes to configure the device to connect to the Avalanche On Demand server.

Manual Configuration SaaS

Allows the user to provide the Company ID for Avalanche On Demand. This ID can be found in the Avalanche Console by clicking My Account.

In order to manually configure the Enabler for Avalanche On Demand, you must provide the Company ID on the SaaS tab and the mobile device server address on the Connection tab. If you use the Scan to Configure barcodes, both settings are configured.


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