Configuring the Avalanche Enabler Configuration Package

You can configure the Enabler software package from the Software Packages panel on the Software Profile page.

To configure the Avalanche Enabler package:

1  From the Avalanche Console Profiles tab, click the name of the software profile that has the Enabler software package.

2  In the Software Packages panel, click Configure next to the name of the Enabler package you want to configure.

If you do not have Java installed locally, click Install Java in the Configure column. After installing Java, the Configure option will be available.

3  Depending on your browser and security settings, you may be prompted to trust the Wavelink certificate. If you are prompted to select the program to use for opening the file, choose Java Web Start Launcher from the list and click OK.

4  The Configure Software Package dialog box appears and the package utility is downloaded. Click Next.

5  Select the utility you want to use and click Launch Config.

6  The utility is launched. Configure the package options as desired.

If there is an error saying that Java was unable to launch the application, check the Java settings for your computer. From the Java Control Panel (accessible from the Windows Control Panel), go to the General tab. Click Settings in the Temporary Internet Files area. Ensure that the Keep temporary files on my computer option is disabled and apply the change.

7  When you are done configuring the package, click Next in the Configure Software Package dialog box.

8  The configuration is sent to the Enterprise Server. Click Finish to close the dialog box. The configurations will be applied when the package is deployed.


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