Ivanti License Server powered by Wavelink

Terminal Emulation License Server

The Wavelink TE License Server is an application that provides licenses to mobile devices that are using the TE Client. The License Server stores those licenses at a central location and automatically distributes the licenses to mobile devices that request them.

Licenses can also be manually added to individual mobile devices.

TE Client licenses are distributed to mobile devices in the following manner:

1.When the TE Client application is first activated on a mobile device, the mobile device broadcasts a request for a license.

2.The License Server responds to the mobile device by sending a license. If the Client on the mobile device has a Site ID configured in the emulation parameters, the License Server will only assign it licenses that have the same Site ID.

3.The mobile device accepts the license and responds to the License Server verifying that it received the license.

4.Once a mobile device obtains a license, it keeps the license until one of the following criteria are met:

The license expires.

The TE Client discovers that another mobile device is using the same license.

The user manually deletes the license from the device. When any of these criteria are met, the TE Client discards the license and requests a new license from the License Server.