Types of Licenses

Remote Control requires a license for each mobile or Smart device it manages. When a Mobile Device Server or Smart Device Server detects a new wireless device, a license request is sent to the License Server. The License Server then sends a license to the Mobile Device Server or Smart Device Server to be distributed. The license file is unique to the server and cannot be transferred to another server. Once the device receives the license, Remote Control can connect to that device. If a license expires or is released, the license returns to the pool of licenses at the License Server until it is requested by another server.

The License Server uses TCP port 7221. For the License Server to function properly, this port must be open and not blocked by a firewall.

There are two types of licenses available with Remote Control: base and maintenance. Base licenses are required to manage devices when using any variety of Remote Control version 4 (4.x). You also need maintenance licenses if you have upgraded beyond version 4.1. For example, if you upgraded to 4.5, you would need a 4.x base license and a maintenance license for each device you want to manage.

Base licenses do not expire. Maintenance licenses are valid through a specific date. For users’ convenience, some licenses may come with a license start date. You can activate these licenses and they will appear in the Licensing dialog box, but the License Server will not be able to distribute them until the date specified.

To obtain Remote Control licenses, please contact Wavelink Customer Service.


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