Enabling Remote Control for Android Devices

To control Samsung SAFE (or KNOX APIs enabled) Android devices using Wavelink Remote Control, you must be using Remote Control 6.1 or newer. When you complete the setup below, you can remotely access and control Android devices through the Wavelink Avalanche Console.

To enable remote control access of Avalanche-enrolled devices:

1  Edit the server.properties file, which can be found in [Remote Control installation location]\cfg.

2  Add the following text:

VNC.Refresh.Internal.BrowserSD = 500

VNC.Refresh.Internal.SmartDevice = 500

3  From a web browser, log in to the Avalanche Console using the system administrator account.

4  Navigate to the System Settings screen and configure the Remote Control Server Settings with the server address.

5  From the Android device, launch the Avalanche Enabler app.

6  Tap Settings.

7  Tap Context.

8  Select Connect to remote control server.

9  Enter the URL for your Remote Control server.

10  Tap Save.

Samsung SAFE (or KNOX APIs enabled) Android devices can now be accessed by clicking the Remote Control button through the device details screen on Avalanche. This automatically loads the Remote Control screen for the device, where you can then click View to see the device screen.


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