Recovery Options

The Recovery Tab in the Advanced Applications Settings dialog box allows you to control what Studio does if an application on a server malfunctions and stops running. These options include how many attempts Studio makes to restart the application and how long Studio waits between restart attempts.

To configure recovery options:

1  From the Applications view, select an application from the Application Distribution Manager table.

2  Click Properties.

The Application Properties dialog box appears.

3  Click Advanced.

The Advanced Application Settings dialog box appears.

You can also access this dialog box by clicking Advanced from the Add New Application dialog box when you add new applications to the Administrator.

4  Click the Recovery tab.

Advanced Application Settings Recovery Tab

5  Type the number of times Studio will attempt to reconnect to the application in the Number of Attempts text box.

6  Type the amount of time, in milliseconds, that Studio will wait between restart attempts in the Time to Pause Between Attempts in Milliseconds text box.

7  Click OK to save your changes.


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