Message Settings

Use the Message tab of the Settings dialog box to configure the settings for messages that the mobile device receives from the host system. Certain parameters in the Message tab are applicable only to 5250- and 3270-type emulation.

The following list describes the configurable options in the Message tab.

Message Line (5250/3270 Only)

Specifies the line from the host screen that the TE Client reads to display as the message line. The Client displays the message line each time its contents change. When the contents of the message line are not valid, the line appears in reverse video at the top of the display.

Possible Values: 0 - 24

Default: 24

Use a value of 0 to prevent the display message.

Auto Reset Delay (5250/3270 Only)

Indicates the amount of time (in seconds) the TE Client waits before sending a reset to the host when the Reset Required parameter is set to Never.

Possible Values: 0 - 5 (seconds)

Default: 2

Message Beeps (5250/3270 Only)

Indicates the number of additional beeps that occur on the mobile device when the TE Client receives a system message.

Possible Values: 0 - 255

Default: 0

Reset Required (5250/3270 Only)

Indicates the situations that require the user to press the reset key.

Options include:

On All Messages. Requires a reset on screens that display information on line 24 (the bottom display line).

On Errors. Requires a reset on screens that have an error indicator.

Never. Requires a reset, but the TE Client automatically performs the reset when it detects an error indicator.

Use Enter As Reset

Indicates whether the enter key on the mobile device functions as the reset key when the mobile device is in an error state.


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