WEB Settings

Use the WEB tab in the Settings dialog box to configure parameters for WEB emulation.

The following table describes the configurable options in the WEB tab.

WEB Allow Compression

Determines whether the browser will automatically decompress any compressed information it receives.

WEB Allow Cookies

Indicates whether the web server is able to access cookies on the client.

WEB Automatic SIP

Determines whether the SIP keyboard is automatically displayed when the cursor is moved to an edit field.

WEB Default Scanner Auto Keys

Determines the default post-scan action for web pages without Tab or Enter key META tags.

Possible Values: <No Keys> <Enter> <Tab> <Enter and Tab>

WEB Default Text Size

Indicates whether the default text size should be used when the browser first appears.

Possible Values: <Smallest> <Smaller> <Medium> <Larger> <Largest> <No Change>

WEB Detect Out-Of-Range

Indicates whether the TE Client will prevent the user from interacting with a web page if the wireless LAN adapter is not associated with an access point.

WEB Display Images

Determines if embedded images and/or placeholders should be displayed on web pages.

WEB Engine Type

Indicates the type of web engine that should be used. The Enhanced engine is required to support several advanced features.

Possible Values: <Standard> <Enhanced>

WEB Error 404 Override

Determines whether a custom or standard 404 error message is displayed.

WEB Error Messages

Determines whether server error messages relayed from the server are displayed.


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