Launching the Keyboard Creator

The Keyboard Creator is installed as part of the TE Client. It allows you to edit or create custom keyboards for the Client.

If you want to copy keyboards from one device configuration (or Avalanche package) to another, you can export them. For instructions, see Exporting and Importing Settings.

To launch from Avalanche:

1  From the Avalanche Console, navigate to the Profiles tab, and select the profile that contains the TE Client package.

2  In the Software Packages region, select the TE Client software package and click Configure.

The Configure Software Package dialog box appears.

3  Select Keyboard Creator and click OK.

The Keyboard Creator opens.

To launch from the ActiveSync configuration utility:

1  On the host system, launch the ActiveSync utility.

The Wavelink Product Configuration dialog box appears.

2  Click the Keyboard Creator button.

The Keyboard Creator appears.


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