Adding Scripting Support

Use the screen reformatter to launch Speakeasy scripts when the modified screen is first displayed. The script can provide additional functionality to the modified screen.

To add a script:

1  Click Edit > Add Scripting Support.


In the Initial Screen View, right-click and select Add Scripting Support from the context menu.

The Scripting Support dialog box appears.

2  Select the desired script from the Script to launch drop-down menu. If you want to pass specific parameters to the script, type them in the Parameters text box separated by commas.

The Script to launch drop-down menu only displays scripts that have been saved in the Script Editor. For more information about Terminal Emulation scripting, see the Wavelink Terminal Emulation Scripting Reference Guide.

3  Select how the screen reformatter will handle the script:

If you want to ensure that the script does not run multiple times, enable the Don’t launch the script if it is already running checkbox.

If you want the script to abort when the modified screen is no longer in use, enable the Stop the script when reformatting changes option.

If you want the screen reformatter to wait until the script has completed before it proceeds to the next action for the screen, enable the Wait for the script to finish before performing the next supporting action.

4  Click OK.

The Scripting Support dialog box closes and the script is added to the Supported Actions listed in the Descriptive View.


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