Building Scripts with the Text Editor

You can also create a text-based script using the Text Editor. The Text Editor will validate the script syntax when you build the script.

To build a script:

1  Launch the Script Editor.

2  Click Add As Text.

The Text Editor opens.

Text Editor

3  Enter the text into the Text Editor. You must include a script name, along with script variables and activation methods. If desired, you may also assign a Host Profile to be supported by the script.

4  After entering your text, click Build to verify the script text. The Text Editor displays build information in the bottom section of the window. If the build information includes an error message, single-click the message to display the Script Editor Error Help dialog box.

The Script Editor Error Help dialog box displays the error number, a description of the error, and explains how to fix the error.

Script Editor Error Help

For a full description of each error message, refer to Script Build Errors.

5  When you have finished building the script, click Save or Save As to save a copy of the script text.

6  Click Done to add the script to the Script Editor, or click New to begin building a new script.


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