Velocity Advanced Configuration

Velocity uses JavaScript scripts to perform advanced configuration and custom actions during a session. For example, you can use scripts to change the way a page displays, add voice options, autofill fields, or modify scan data.

To write Velocity scripts, you should have experience with scripting languages such as JavaScript. Velocity provides a list of APIs for use in your scripts to perform specific functions, and a Script Library of basic scripts that can be modified to fit your environment.

Use the Velocity Console to create scripts or edit the scripts provided in the Script Library. Download the Velocity Console from the Velocity downloads page. For more information about using the Velocity Console, see the Velocity documentation.

You can only run scripts in the Velocity Client while a session is connected. If the connection is terminated, the event handlers from scripts are discarded. When switching between sessions, only the active session will receive scan data or keypresses, and so event handlers for the active session are the only ones that will fire.