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Setting Scopes

Use a scope to determine when a script should start or end. Scripts are linked to a session, screen, or field. After creating or using a library script, you must link it to a scope. Once linked, you may set variables from the Script Parameter pane.

Types of Scopes

Multiple scopes may be applied to a single script, which enables you to execute a script repeatedly based on screens or fields entered or focused upon. You can likewise change the order in which these scopes execute by dragging and dropping them within the Scope pane on the Scripts tab.

However, you cannot set conditional scopes that activate only when other specific scopes are active. Scopes will only execute in the order they've been arranged from the Scripts tab.

To link a script to a scope

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1.From the Scripts screen, enter the script you want to link the script to. This scope should match the format required by the host type, as described above.

2.Click the Link button below the Scope pane.

3.Enter the scope you wish to create. This can include session, screen, or field scopes, which are referenced above. After clicking OK, the script is linked to the scope.

To edit parameter variables

1.Select the script and scope you want to set parameters in. The parameters available for editing appear in the Parameters pane on the right.

2.Enter the parameter values as needed. Depending on the script, you can leave some fields blank. If a parameter contains a Managing Script Parameters, you cannot save the field's contents unless the value is entered correctly.

Values must be entered as they're required by the script. For an explanation on valid values for Ivanti's pre-generated scripts, see Using Library Scripts.

3.Click Save to keep your changes.

Scopes narrow the instances for when a script is invoked. This helps avoid potential overlaps with scripts that might interfere with one another. If you multiple scripts to the same scope, the parameters are applied based on the order of the scopes in the Scope pane.

For example, if you link the same script twice to a session where one parameter first prepends PRE- and the other prepends 123- to a bar code, the script with the PRE- value is applied first, followed by the script with the 123- value. The end result of a bar code scan would then be 123-PRE-XXXXXXXXX.

This page refers to an older version of the product.
View the current version of the User Guide.

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