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Installing the Velocity Client

In order to install the Velocity Client on a device, the device must be configured to allow installation of non-Market applications. The Velocity Client is configurable from the mobile device after it is installed, or using the Velocity Console.

The Velocity Client can be installed on devices using Android OS, version 4.4 or newer.

The app installation file can also be distributed to devices using Ivanti Avalanche, or an alternate mobile device management service. For more information, see the Avalanche 6.1 User Guide or Avalanche SaaS Help on the Ivanti website.

To install the Velocity Client

1.If the device has the Google Play Store installed, you must make sure the device allows installation of non-Play Store applications. This option is frequently named Unknown sources under Settings > Security.

2.Using the device, open a browser and navigate to the Velocity downloads page on the Ivanti website. Download the latest Client.

3.View the device Notifications by pulling down the status bar. When the Client download is complete, tap the notification to install the Client.

4.The installation screen appears. Tap Install.

5.The app is installed. Tap Open to launch the Velocity Client, or tap Done.

To install the Speakeasy for Velocity app

If you're using Speakeasy for Velocity to perform speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionality, you must include the Speakeasy app on all devices using the Velocity Client.

Download the Speakeasy for Velocity (Android) app from the Wavelink website. Use the same method to install the Speakeasy app that you did to install the Velocity Client. However, once the Speakeasy app is installed, you do not need to run it separately.

The language used for Velocity speech-to-text and text-to-speech is dependent upon the selected language of the Android device. To change languages, users must alter this from the Settings app.

This page refers to an older version of the product.
View the current version of the User Guide.

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