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Keyboard Settings

The settings on the Host > Keyboard tab depend on the project type and emulation type. Not all features are available for all project types.

Keyboard Transparency

Enables the use of transparent keyboards for both native and modern screens. After enabling the setting, enter a transparency level between 0-100, with 100 being complete transparency and 0 equating to no transparency, which will also disable the option. When a software keyboard is displayed while connected to the host, it will appear at the set transparency level.

Transparent screens will overlay the current screen, rather than displace it. To navigate a screen covered by the keyboard, you'll need to hide the keyboard.

Keyboard Height

Defines how much of the screen a keyboard occupies when displaying. This value is defined as a percentage of the screen's vertical space for both portrait or landscape viewing modes. By default, keyboards are set to use 45 percent of the screen. A keyboard also occupies 100 percent of the screen's horizontal space and cannot be altered.

Keyboard Visibility

Sets the behavior of the keyboard pop-up globally. This setting can be overridden at the field level if you have edited screen elements.

Show. The keyboard automatically appears for all screens and fields.

Hide. If the keyboard is active, it automatically hides for all screens and fields.

Disable. Custom and default keyboards cannot be used for any screens or fields.

This option is available for TE and SIM projects.

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