Authorization settings

The following settings are available on the Host > Authorization tab of the host profile. For information about using the Velocity License Server, see the Velocity License Server User Guide on the Ivanti website.

License server address. The IP address or host name of the License Server. If you have multiple license servers, use a comma-separated list without spaces. The device attempts to contact the servers in the order they are listed.

If the devices are on the same local network as the License Server and you are not using secure license delivery, the address does not need to be specified as the Client will actively broadcast and find the server.

License server port. The port on which the License Server is listening for license requests from Clients. By default, the port is set to 1820. This field cannot be set until a License Server Address is specified.

License server site ID. The site ID associated with the License Server. This field cannot be set until a License Server Address is specified. Site IDs are created as part of the License Server's initial setup.

Secure license delivery. The Client uses HTTPS for traffic to and from the License Server. This option requires Velocity version 2.1.23 or newer, and a License Server version 5.0 or newer. The license server address is required if you use secure license delivery.

Retrieve certificate. If you enable Secure license delivery and the License Server is using a self-signed certificate, you must retrieve the public certificate from the server and distribute it as part of the host profile. Otherwise, any license requests will fail because the server certificate is not trusted. This step is not necessary if the License Server has a certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority.