Using Tap to Share

After you have configured a device with host profiles and global settings, you can use NFC to share the configuration with another device that has Velocity installed.

When you use Tap to Share, the devices use NFC to establish a connection and transfer a file containing instructions on how to retrieve the configuration data. Then the devices make a connection over the local Wi-Fi network and transfer the files. When you use Tap to Share, any existing profiles or configurations on the receiving device are deleted, and it transfers all of the .wldep, .wlxgp, and .wlvpk files on the sharing device to the receiving device.

The devices must be running Android, have NFC enabled, and be on the same Wi-Fi network to use Tap to Share.

To share a configuration using Tap to Share

1.On the sharing device, open the Velocity Client and tap Menu > Tap to Share in the upper right corner of the Host Profiles view.

If there is a configuration password set, you are prompted to provide it before the device can share. The default password is system.

2.On a receiving device, launch the Velocity Client and make sure it is on the Host Profiles view.

3.Move the devices close to each other so they can establish an NFC connection.

If the receiving device only has the demo profile, no password is required to complete the transfer. If the receiving device is already configured with other host profiles, it prompts you to provide the configuration password to overwrite the existing profiles and complete the transfer.

4.When all of the receiving devices are configured, tap Cancel on the sharing device. It exits the Tap to Share mode.