Managing Ivanti Neurons for IIoT credentials

When you are using Ivanti Forms, each form project must be published to an Ivanti Neurons for IIoT server. There are two types of credentials used: Administrator credentials for publishing forms, and Device credentials for retrieving forms.

When you set up any credentials to connect to Ivanti Neurons for IIoT, those credentials must be associated with a customer. This keeps the credentials separated and prevents you from using the wrong set of credentials for a customer.

Publishing credentials

In order to publish the form, you must provide the server address and a username and password for a user who had the Administrator role for the server. Velocity stores the server address and the username for publishing the form, but it does not save the password. The Velocity Console user must provide the password when they publish.

Device credentials

The Velocity Client requires the server address and a set of credentials in order to access the forms. The credentials used by the Client should be for an account with the Device role. These credentials are saved by the Console and distributed to the devices. The Device role has very limited permissions, but unlike the other user roles, it allows multiple connections to the server at a time. You should not distribute credentials for a role other than Device to the Client.

Since the device credentials must be distributed to the Velocity Client, the Console saves the password and distributes it as part of the host profile. It is encrypted on the Windows device where the Console is installed, when it is deployed as a .wldep deployment file, and also when it is stored on the device.

Credentials wizard

The credentials wizard, introduced in version 2.1.34, allows you to make the credentials reusable. When you use the credentials wizard to save credentials, you can select the credential name from a dropdown list in the project. For Administrator credentials, the person who publishes a form is required to provide the password when they publish. For Device credentials, once they are saved in the Velocity Console, they can be re-used without providing the password again.

If you have existing credentials for Ivanti Neurons for IIoT and you upgrade to version 2.1.34, those credentials are considered non-reusable. They are still valid and included in the projects that they have been added to, but they cannot be selected from the dropdown list in other projects. They are not included in the list on the Credentials page.