Managing customers

Velocity allows you to associate projects with customers to organize and sort the information in the Velocity Console. (If you had company data associated with projects in previous versions of the Velocity Console, the company data becomes customer data in 2.1.34.)

If your list of projects is long, create a customer and associate specific projects with that customer. Then sort the projects in the Project list by customer, or search for projects associated with a customer.

If you do not organize projects by customer, or if all or most of your projects are for the same customer, you can set a default customer. When a default customer is set, then each time you create a new project the customer field will be automatically populated with the default customer.

Starting in Velocity 2.1.34, the Console allows you to manage customers on the Settings page. If you upgrade to 2.1.34, any Companies or Customers that are already associated with projects will be used to populate the Customer list. Changes to the Customer list on the Settings page will change the projects associated with that customer. So, for example, if you fix a misspelling in a customer name, that change is reflected in all of the projects that are associated with that customer.

When you set up credentials to connect to Ivanti Neurons for IIoT, those credentials must be associated with a customer. This keeps the credentials organized and prevents you from using the wrong credentials for a customer.

You can use a merge operation to delete customer names you are not using anymore.