Editing keyboard templates

A keyboard template is a layout of blank keys. To change the size, location, and number of buttons on a keyboard, you must edit the keyboard's template, rather than the keys.

The keys are given values and labels from the Editor panel. For information on editing the key values instead

Watch a related video (1:02)

To edit a template

1.Select the keyboard from the Keyboards panel that you want to edit.

2.Click Edit > Edit Template or click Edit Template in the top-right corner of the Editor panel.

3.Make any edits as needed. Possible actions are described below:

To create a new button, double-click on an unoccupied space in the template. The button appears, automatically aligned to the grid.

To change the vertical and horizontal size of a button, click and hold the edge of a button and then drag.

To move a button, click and hold the blue lines at the top-left side or corner of the button and then drag.

To delete a button, double-click its center.

To undo a recent action, click Undo.

4.When finished, click Save to apply the changes to the existing template or Save as new template to create a new template. Ivanti recommends saving a new template to preserve any original template files for future use in other projects you may create. When you save a template, it is added to the Keyboards panel as a new keyboard.