Using an RFID reader

Velocity supports RFID readers for all emulation types. Use a scanner profile to set whether the RFID reader returns data as a hex value or a decimal value.

For devices that have a supported RFID reader, use the Switch Scanner script included in the Script Library to switch between the default scanner and the RFID reader. As an alternative you could also use the switchScanner API in a custom script to control which input method to use.

To use the library script, set the scannerName variable to the name of the RFID scanner (for example, "ZebraRFID") and then configure the script to run when the appropriate field is entered. The RFID scanner will return the value of the RFID tag with the strongest signal. For a list of possible values for scannerName, see the Velocity Scripting Guide.

If you want the library script to switch back to the default scanner after the cursor leaves the field, set the switchBack variable in the script to "true". When the scope is exited (that is, when the cursor leaves the field), the Velocity Client will go back to using the default scanner.

For valid options when using the switchScanner API, see the Velocity Scripting Guide.