Using the keyboard style editor

The keyboard style editor allows you to change the color of keys and the appearance of text labels.

To access the style editor, navigate to View > Styles. Or, after selecting a key in the Editor panel, click the Style drop-down list in the Key Detail panel and select Style Editor.

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In this dialog you can alter the following key styles:

Name. The name of the style as it will appear in the Styles selector of the Key Details panel. After creating a new style, you cannot edit its name.

Text Color. The color of the key's text label.

Key Color. The color of the key when in an unpressed state.

Press Color. The color of the key when pressed.

Font Weight. Displays a key label's font in normal or bold weights.

Feedback. The predefined haptic feedback, or vibration pattern, associated with keys using this style. You can pick short buzz, long buzz, two buzzes, and three buzzes. When a feedback type is selected and that key is pressed, the device will vibrate according to the chosen pattern.

Bloom. Applies a light bloom or glow effect to the key when pressed.

To apply a style to an individual key, see Key Details Panel. To establish a style as a default for all keys on a keyboard, see Editor Panel.