Installing the Velocity Client

The Velocity Client can be installed on devices using Android OS, version 5.0 or newer, devices using Windows 10, or devices using iOS 13 or newer.

Download the Velocity app from the Play Store (for Android), from the App Store (for iOS) or from the Velocity downloads page. If you install from the Play Store or App Store, the device or the user may update the app without your approval when Ivanti releases new versions.

The app file can also be distributed to devices using Ivanti Avalanche or another device management application. For more information, see the Avalanche User Guide on the Ivanti website.

When you have finished installing the client, you can configure it from the device, using the Rapid Modernization website, or from the Velocity Console.

If you have an existing Terminal Emulation .wltna file or if the configuration is simple, use the Rapid Modernization website to convert the file to a Velocity configuration file.

For advanced configuration, install the Velocity Console to create a configuration file. For information on installing the Console, see Installing or upgrading the Velocity Console. For information on configuring options for the Velocity client, see Configuring host profiles.