Performing a Quick Calibration

When using Speakeasy with the Velocity Client, you should calibrate voice recognition each time a headset is paired with the mobile device or when ambient sound level changes significantly.

To perform a quick calibration from the Velocity Client, navigate to Menu > Quick Calibration, or map {voice:calibrate} to a key on a custom keyboard.

When quick calibration launches, the following actions occur:

The app prompts the user to say, "Testing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5."

The app then asks the user to remain quiet for five seconds.

For both of these actions, Speakeasy examines the noise levels when a user is speaking and determines how much of the audio is background noise and how much is the speaker. This process is repeated until a good range of audio levels is detected.

If an acceptable audio range is not detected, Velocity automatically alters the volume level and repeatedly performs the calibration again. This test is performed up to five times before the calibration is aborted.

The results of the calibration are stored in the voice logs.

If users continue to have problems with recognition after a quick calibration, see Using Speech Diagnostics for more advanced troubleshooting tips.