Sends an Android broadcast to all listening receivers.

Broadcasts are sent as intents. Intents are represented in JavaScript as an object with certain properties.

Added in version 2.0.7



Intent object properties

Value Description Type Required Notes
action A string representing the broadcast action. String Required  
extras Passes additional data to the intent broadcast. Array of objects Optional

See the description for extras in the table below.


Value Description Type Required Notes
name The name of the extra. String Required  
value The value of the extra. String, Integer, Boolean, array of String, array of Integer, array of Boolean Required arrays added in version 2.1.11
type The value type. One of "string", "integer", or "boolean". String Optional If not specified, a type will be assigned based on the JavaScript type of the first value in arrays. For arrays, use the same three types to represent the type for all values in the array.


/* Sends a broadcast that is interpreted as a scan by Velocity.
    action: "com.wavelink.intent.action.BARCODE",
    extras: [
        { name:"scan.symbology_type", value:"UPCA", type:"string" },
        { name:"scan.data_string", value:"1234567890", type:"string" },