Understanding the Avalanche Console

The Avalanche Console consists of a Tool Bar, a Navigation Window, and Management Tabs that allow you to manage your wireless network and provide information about wireless network configuration and activity.

The buttons on the Tool Bar provide quick access to common tools.
The Navigation Window provides a tree view of the locations within your wireless network.
The Management Tabs provide access to inventories, alerts, and other properties of your enterprise. The tabs available depend on what is selected in the Navigation Window.

Many of the options on the Management Tabs require you to enter Edit Mode before you can change them. Edit Mode helps prevent accidental changes and permits only one user to edit an item at a time.

This section gives details about the following areas:

Tool Bar
Navigation Window
Quick Start Tab
Profiles Tab
Managing Device Inventory Displays
Understanding Edit Mode

For information on the Alerts tab, Device Server Status tab, or Device Groups tab, go to the following sections:

Managing Alert Profiles
Managing a Mobile Device Server
Managing Mobile Device Groups


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