Monitoring Server Status

When you select a server location in the Navigation Window, you can view server information on the Device Server Status tab. You cannot modify any information in this tab.

The following information displays in the columns:

Region. Lists the region to which the server is assigned.
Location. Lists the location (machine name) where the server resides.
Address. Lists the IP address of the server location.
Version. Specifies the version of server deployed to the location.
Status. Indicates the current status of the Server.

Indicates the Server is currently offline.

Indicates the Server is currently online and running.

Synchronized. Displays the status of the server synchronization.

Indicates changes have been made but are not yet deployed to the Server.

Indicates changes have been deployed but are not yet applied to the Server.

Indicates the Server is up-to-date with the latest changes.

Blackout. Displays the Server blackout window status.

Indicates that the Server is not currently in a blackout window.

Indicates the Server is currently in a blackout window and not available.


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