Using Selection Criteria

Selection criteria are sets of rules which you can apply to profiles or devices. The rules are generally device properties such as the model name or OS type. These criteria define which mobile devices receive a profile or are added to a group. For example, set a profile so that it is only applied to Hand Held 7400 devices by using the criterion:

ModelName = HHP7400

After the profile is enabled and applied to a location, it is distributed to devices in the location that meet the selection criterion.

If you want to set criteria but only want to match part of the expression, use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to represent single or multiple characters. A hyphen (-) can be used to indicate a range of numbers. You can also use parentheses and boolean operators for flexible combination of multiple variables. These options can reduce the size and complexity of selection criteria.

Note:   The database interfaces used by Avalanche put a length limit on SQL expressions. Selection criteria containing more than 150 expressions have a good chance of exceeding the limits. Wavelink recommends limiting selection criteria to 20 selection variables or less.

Additional selection criteria are typically built into each software package to restrict the distribution of the package to devices that can use it. The built-in selection criteria associated with a software package are set by the package developer and cannot be modified after the package has been created.

The selection criteria builder provides a list of operators and preset selection variables, and also allows you to add custom properties as selection variables. Use the selection criteria builder to build valid selection criteria.

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Building Selection Criteria
Selection Variables


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