Configuring Software Packages for Delayed Installation

Software packages can be configured to install on a delayed basis. Delayed packages are downloaded to the mobile device just like any other package, but do not get installed on the device until the configured activation time. For applicable devices, the downloaded packages are stored in persistent storage and can survive a cold boot.

To configure a software package for delayed installation:

1   From the Profiles tab, select the software profile with the package you want to delay.
2   Select the package from the Software Packages list and click Edit Package.

The Edit Software Package dialog box appears.

Delayed Package Activation area

3   In the Delayed Package Activation area, enable the options as desired:
If you want to delay package activation until a specific date and time, enable the Delay activation until option and click on the calendar button to select a date and time.
To further delay the package installation after it has been activated, configure the Delay activation for __ minutes option.
If you want the package to be activated on the device during a certain time window, enable the Activation window option and configure the hours during which the package will activate.
If you want the device user to have the option to override the software package installation at the activation time, enable the Allow user to activate on demand checkbox. When this option is selected, the user will be able to install the package as soon as it is downloaded.
4   Click Save.


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