Document/Media Payload (Android/iOS)

A Document/Media payload is for use with the LANDesk Portal app. This payload makes media files such as PDFs, text files, images, audio and video available to a device user through the LANDesk Portal app. It also provides some restrictions on how the files can be stored and used when they are accessed. This payload works for both Android and iOS devices.

When a user opens the LANDesk Portal app, the items associated with the applied payload appear on the Docs page. The user taps the item to access it.

A Document/Media payload has the following options:

Payload Name

The name of the payload.

Source Location

A URL that points to the file.

Allow local storage

Allows the user to save the file to his device.

Allow user to forward

Allows the user to attach the file to an email and forward it to other people.

Auto update when connected

Allows the LANDesk Portal to update locally stored files if they have been changed on the server.

On iOS, the Portal app uses the native file viewer/player to access files. The following file types are supported:

iWork documents

Microsoft Office documents (Office ‘97 and newer)

Rich Text Format (RTF) documents

PDF files


Text files whose uniform type identifier (UTI) conforms to the public.text type (see Uniform Type Identifiers Reference)

Comma-separated value (csv) files

Movie files with .mov, .mp4, .mpv, and .3gp extensions using MPEG-4 Part 2 video (Simple Profile) or H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3.0 video, up to 640 x 480 at 30 fps. (The Baseline profile does not support B frames.)

Audio files with AAC-LC audio at up to 48 kHz, and MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) up to 48 kHz.

On Android, the app used to open the file depends on what apps are installed on the device. The user may be prompted to select the type of app to open the file when he tries to open it.


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