Windows Phone Bulk Enrollment

Microsoft enables organizations to perform setup-free enrollment of Windows Phone and Windows Embedded Handheld 8.1 devices through the use of the provisioning file, prov.xml. Wavelink Avalanche is designed to work with this file to eliminate the need for LDAP when enrolling large quantities of devices. By using bulk enrollment, you can enroll multiple devices using a generic email, associate them with Avalanche services, and automatically apply payloads. When you begin using these Smart devices, they already contain all policy changes you require.

From the System Settings screen in the Avalanche Console, you enter the bulk enrollment credentials you're associating with all Windows Phone devices, using a supported email domain. After setting up your bulk enrollment credentials in Avalanche, you must then modify the prov.xml file to include these credentials in addition to your Avalanche Smart device server address. Bulk enrollment is handled through the use of prov.xml, a file used in Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) provisioning. This file is set up to contain the credentials needed for connecting to a device management service like Avalanche, and then it is stored on each device. With these credentials, all Windows devices with the provisioning file going through their first boot automatically enroll in Avalanche and apply any relevant payloads. For more information, see Configuring General System Settings.


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