LANDESK Mobility Manager

To manage your devices from the LANDESK Mobility Manager console, you can integrate it with the Avalanche server. This allows you to access your Avalanche service directly from the LANDESK Management Suite interface.

Your Avalanche server must be located on a machine separate from the Mobility Manager server to allow integration.

To integrate Avalanche with LANDESK Mobility Manager:

1  Install or upgrade your existing Avalanche server to Avalanche 6.1 or newer. To allow integration of services between LANDESK Mobility Manager and Avalanche, you must be using the newest version of the Enterprise Server. For more information, see Preparing to Install Avalanche.

2  Add your LDMS Core Server and LDAP Account credentials and addresses as needed to the System Settings screen. The account used to access these services must be an administrator account. If you're also using Cloud Services Appliance to facilitate communication between the LDMS core server and Avalanche, provide its address here. For more information, see Configuring General System Settings.

3  Create a registry key for LDMS that redirects the service to your Avalanche server. This redirects the mobility management enrollment screen from Avalanche on Demand to your premise server. For more information, see the LANDESK Mobility Manager help documentation on the LANDESK website.


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