Restarting the ConnectPro Server

Restart ConnectPro from the Restart TermProxy page in the ConnectPro web interface immediately, or schedule an automatic restart on a daily or weekly basis.

To restart ConnectPro:

1  Access the ConnectPro web interface.

2  From the menu at the top of the page, click Restart Server.

The Restart TermProxypage appears.

3  Click the Restart button.

It may take up to a minute to restart ConnectPro. Once ConnectPro is restarted, the Main Menu page appears. If the page does not open after one minute, refresh the browser display.

To schedule an automatic restart:

1  Access the ConnectPro web interface.

2  From the menu at the top of the page, click Configuration.

The Logging and Data Capture Settings page appears.

3  In the secondary navigation, click Stored Configuration.

The Stored Configuration page appears.

4  In the text box, modify the automatic restart section (at the end of the file by default). To modify the section, type restart [time], where [time] is a comma-delimited list of times that ConnectPro will automatically restart. Each time needs to follow the format HH:MM[a|p]. If there is no 'a' or 'p' following the time (representing AM or PM), the time is assumed to be in a 24-hour format. To restart only on a certain day of the week, precede the time with the day of the week.


restart 10:00P

restart MONDAY22:30

5  Click Save and Restart to apply the new settings.


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