Device Description and Available Commands Panels

The Device Description panel on the Web Viewer Device tab provides information about the device you are connected to, a thumbnail of the current display on the device, and buttons for updating or refreshing the thumbnail. Device information may include:


The connection status of the device.

OEM Info

OEM info as reported by the device.

Server Address

Address for the Avalanche Mobile Device Server.

Ava Term ID

Terminal ID assigned to the device by Avalanche.

Last Seen

Last time the device was connected to.


Device description set in Remote Control Console.

IP Address

IP address of the mobile device.

Phone Number

Phone number for the device.


Carrier for the device’s phone service.

The following commands are performed from the Available Commands panel on the Device tab:


Opens a real-time view of the device in a new tab or window.


Displays information about the connection status. When you click Status, the Device Status dialog box appears. This dialog box allows you to refresh the status of the device, disconnect, reboot, or ping the device, or display the Remote Control Client interface on the device.

Edit Device

Allows you to edit the device description details, including the phone number, carrier, name and description.


Disconnects the device from the Remote Control session.


Performs a warm boot of the device. The connection session is terminated.


Sends the device into a suspended (sleep) state. The connection session is terminated.

Text Message

Sends an SMS text message to the mobile device.

Device Sync

Sends an SMS message to the device requesting it to connect to the Avalanche Mobile Device Server.


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