Importing Screens

When you perform a screen capture, the screens are saved as a .wltsc file. These files can be imported into the screen reformatter in order to modify the screens. After you modify screens, you can save them as a master file with a .wlrmf extension if you want to export them for a different device or TE Client.

You can merge screen capture files and master files to make it easier to manage modified screens. Import the first file, and then import additional files to merge them with the currently open screens.

When there are duplicate screens in the screen capture when you import it, each screen will only be imported once. Any duplicates will be discarded.

During a merge, the reformatter will only import new screens. If there are screens in the file you are adding that match screens already open, the reformatter will discard them.

To import screens:

1  From the File menu, select Import Screen Capture or Import Master File.

The Import Screen Capture dialog box appears.

2  Navigate to and select the desired screen capture or master file.

3  Click Open.

If you already have a screen file open, the screen reformatter will prompt you to either discard the open file or merge the open file with the new file. When you merge, you are prompted to indicate which collection to add the new screens to.

The Screen Reformatter dialog box appears, indicating the number of unique screens that were added.


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