Velocity Server Tab

The Velocity Server tab configures the device with the server version number, address, port, options for server and client disconnect, and encryption options.

Velocity Server tab

The following list describes the options and configurable parameters in the Velocity Server tab.

Velocity Server

The version number of the Velocity server.


The address of the Velocity server.


The port the Velocity server is using.

Terminate Velocity Server Session

Indicates when the Velocity server should terminate the connection to the host.

Possible Values:

Never. The server never terminates the session established with the host. The Client is responsible for terminating the session.

On Network Error. The server terminates the session with the host when a network error occurs, such as a loss of network connectivity.

On Session Exit. The server terminates the session with the host when the session is terminated by the Client.

Always. The server will terminate the session with the host on a network error or when the session is terminated.

Client Reconnects if Unexpectedly Disconnected

If the Client is disconnected without receiving a message from the server that it was disconnecting, the Client will try to reconnect to the server.

Use SSL/TLS Encryption

Uses SSL or TLS to encrypt the information sent between the Client and the server. For more information on configuring SSL/TLS encryption, see Using SSL/TLS.

Verify Server Certificates

Uses server certificates to authenticate the server. Click Select Verification Certificates to create certificates or select existing certificates.

Use Custom Encryption

The Client will use a custom encryption algorithm. The Client and server must be configured with the same passkey.


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