Installing Avalanche

This section provides instructions for the complete installation process of Avalanche 6.0.

If you are currently running a version of Avalanche earlier than 6.0, find the Upgrading to Avalanche 6.0 instructions on the Wavelink Web site.

To install Avalanche: 

1  Review the Avalanche 6.0 System Requirements on the Wavelink website and ensure your environment meets minimum system requirements.

2  Download the Avalanche installer. To obtain the Avalanche installer, contact your Wavelink Sales representative.

3  Install Microsoft SQL Server. For detailed steps that describe installing SQL Server 2008 R2 for Avalanche, see the Wavelink Community article Setting up SQL Server 2008 R2 Express. For general information about installing SQL Server, see Setting Up Microsoft SQL Server.

4  Run the Avalanche installer. For information about running the installer, see Running the Avalanche Installer.

5  If you plan to connect iOS, Android, or Windows Phone 8 devices to Avalanche, set up the certificates and keys necessary to secure communication. For information about setting up secure communications for Avalanche, see Enabling Secure Communication.

6  Activate licenses for Avalanche. For information about licensing, see Licensing Avalanche in the Avalanche online help.

7  Connect devices to the Avalanche Server. To watch a video about connecting Smart devices, see the videos on YouTube: Connecting an Android Device to Avalanche or Connecting an iOS Device to Avalanche.

You must set up secure communication before you can connect Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 8 devices to Avalanche.


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