Upgrading through a New Install

An alternate method of upgrading to Avalanche 6.0 is accomplished by installing Avalanche 6.0 on another computer as an upgrade.

Consider this method of upgrading if one or both of the following conditions apply:

If you plan on managing mobile and Smart devices in multiple locations

If your enterprise server and database are not installed on the same system

If your current installation uses Microsoft SQL Server

To upgrade through a new install:

1  Upgrade your existing Avalanche services to version 5.3.1. To obtain the install files, contact Wavelink support.

2  Perform a backup and restore of Avalanche. Give the database copies different names in Microsoft SQL Server, as these will be the databases upgraded.

3  If you currently use Microsoft SQL Server on a different computer from where the new Avalanche install will be located, configure the database to allow remote connections and restart the server.

4  Shut down the Wavelink Enterprise Server, Wavelink StatsServer, and WavelinkTomcat services on the old Avalanche system using the Windows Task Manager.

5  From the new system, install Avalanche 6.0 as an upgrade and associate the installation with your new database copies.

6  Upgrade all existing mobile device servers.

7  Create a Network Profile or Mobile Device Profile with the new server address to redirect all mobile devices to the new mobile device server.

8  Create certificates for SSL encryption and enable mobile device communication via an APNS certificate and Android GCM key.


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