A snippet is a list of files that are imported into Application Control for a particular purpose. An associated instructional pdf is included in the snippet zip file and it automatically opens on the desktop. For the designed purpose, a snippet adds required files and setting changes into your config. The files and changes are different for each snippet and can be customized.

Snippets give Application Control the ability to import and merge partial configurations into a currently open configuration in the console. The Import Snippets dialog allows you to select from any snippets supplied to the default directory. The dialog also allows you get the latest snippets available from the Ivanti Marketplace.

Please see the associated video: Introduction to and using AC Snippets

Snippets are not versioned so keep appropriate records of their implementation.

Download Recent Snippets from Ivanti Marketplace

These are the steps for getting to Ivanti Marketplace from inside Application Control:

  1. Select the relevant rule.
    The rule selected is important, and should be the rule you want the snippet to apply to.
  2. In the command ribbon, select Import Snippet.

    The Import Snippet dialog displays.

  3. Click the Ivanti Community link near the bottom of the dialog.

    The most recent snippets are displayed. Search by selecting Security, from the filters in the menu, to bring them all to the top of the list.

  4. Select a snippet and save it to C:\Program Files\AppSense\Application Manager\Console\Snippets. This is the default location.

    The snippet is now available in the Import Snippet dialog.

  5. Select the snippet and click Add.
  6. To view what is included in the snippet click the View the items that will be added to the configuration link.

    A configuration report displays.

  7. Click Continue.

The snippet is imported and you can view the items in the various nodes in the console. You can also change the list of what is modified by the snippet and make it work for your application. Use the associated pdf as reference for the list of files that were imported.

Removing a Snippet

There is no automatic method to remove a snippet, it must be done manually. Here is the procedure:

  1. Open the associated pdf document and find the list of included files along with the rules and other settings that are changed in the config.

  2. Manually remove what you want, from simply removing the rules and adjusting settings, to fully removing all the files. This will depend on your needs.

When you are satisfied, redeploy the updated config.

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