What's New in Ivanti Browser Management?

Version 2021.3

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Windows 11 and Server 2022 Support

Ivanti Browser Management now supports deployment on both Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 operating systems. Where applicable, Browser Management features have been modified to ensure seamless operation on these recently released platforms.

Ivanti Environment Manager Non-Virtualized Application Group Personalization Support

Ivanti Browser Management supports the personalization of browsers using the advanced NVAG feature introduced in Ivanti Environment Manager 2021.3.

Non-virtualized application group (NVAG) personalization can be configured within Environment Manager to ensure personalization change spersist when the Process Vitualization Component (PVC) feature is disabled.

Internet Explorer Enhanced Protected Mode BHO

The popularity of Internet Explorer continues to diminish but where it does remain in use its Enhanced Protected Mode feature provides additional security and protection to browser based threats. Ivanti Browser Management now provides an option to use a Browser Helper Object (BHO) compatible with Internet Explorer Enhanced Protected Mode to allow the Browser Redirection feature to operate in this secure mode.

Browser Redirector New Instance policy

Within Ivanti Browser Management Browser Redirector feature when a redirection occurs the default behavior is to open a new tab in the current browser. In some scenarios a new instance may be required so support for this has now been added. Administrators now have the option to create a new instance policy and specify URLs that will always open in a new instance of the browser.

Age Based Browser Cache Retention Policies

The Ivanti Browser Management WebData Management feature previously had policies to retain and remove various browser cache, temporary internet files and DOM data from the browser profiles. In this release, these policies have been enhanced to allow customization of retention policies and allow for data to be retained or removed based on their last use times.

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