Ivanti Browser Management

Ivanti® Browser Management enables organizations to manage the ever-increasing volume of browser-generated data. This configuration of clear policies allows administrators to control the removal or storage of website cookies, temporary internet files, and bookmarked web pages or favorites.

Browser Management comprises three valuable components:

WebData Management – Manage browser-generated data to remove the mass of unnecessary data and retain only what is required

Favorites Synchronization – Synchronize user-created favorites across all browsers and improve the user browsing experience

Browser Redirector – Redirect URLs to ensure they open in the browser required and render or perform correctly.

Using Browser Management to take control of users’ browser data delivers many valuable benefits:

Reduced Infrastructure storage

With a significant reduction in the size of user profiles and web browser databases, storage requirements and the volume of network traffic are both substantially reduced

Faster login and logoff times for users

A lean user profile is opened (and closed) more quickly and login performance is improved.

Improved user experience

Management of cookies ensures the helpful cookies are retained – and the ones used for behavior tracking and advertising are removed.

Favorite bookmarked websites can be shared across different browsers and made available to users consistently. They can also be configured to open in the browser required.

Overcome website compatibility and rendering issues by the seamless redirect to a preferred browser. Using the Browser Redirector feature you can ensure that a legacy intranet that requires IE, for example, is always opened in IE.

Browser Management allows you to manage browser data across your organization and balance end user convenience with infrastructure and performance requirements.