Prerequisites Application Control for Linux

Essential prerequisites for the installation and configuration of Ivanti Application Control for Linux 2021.4.1are described below.

Note, where a release version of third-party software is specified, this should be seen as a minimum.

Windows Server Machine

Ivanti Application Control for Linux 2021.4.1 is intended to be used with a remote DB server, and can be configured post install to work with your local database instance.

Operating System

Windows 10 Enterprise edition

Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019

It is strongly recommended that a restore point is created in your Windows 10 Enterprise machine.

.NET Framework

.NET Framework 4.8 Runtime must be available on the Windows server machine prior to the installation of Application Control for Linux.

Internet Information Services - IIS

IIS needs to be installed from the Server Manager prior to AC for Linux installation.


A local or networked SQL database must be available before the installation of Application Control for Linux:

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2017 Express (or later), or a full license for SQL Server (2016, 2017 or 2019).

Cleanup of any previously installed Application Control for Linux SQL Server instance is required. Ensure that any pre-release version of AcDatabase is manually deleted before starting a new installation.


If you are using Win AUTH, the DBA must create a new security login on the DB server. It needs to match your Windows Server backend and the domain, for example:


This can be easily done by accessing your MSSQL server via a management tool:

  • Expanding Security/Logins

  • Right click on Logins

  • Choose New Login

  • In the Login Name field put the name, DOmain\Backend$, and make this user a dbcreator

Linux Endpoints

These are the Linux operating systems, Centos 8.x, RedHat 8.x, and Oracle 8.x are supported.

  • Please ensure Kernel 5.x is installed on the Linux device prior to Ivanti Application Control for Linux R2 installation.

  • Engine installation via Manifest is supported for Centos 8.x and RedHat 8.x in this release.

It is strongly recommended that backups of Linux endpoint machines are generated.

Install Linux Endpoint is provided for both auto-install and by hand.

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